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Real Estate Property Services, LLC (REPS) is a back office service provider direct to investors as well as servicers. REPS also provides Servicer and Compliance Oversight and Asset Management. With combined expertise of over 30 years, REPS has a varied and knowledgeable staff with the ability to offer you the hands on back office support necessary for success while also providing ancillary services to enhance your real estate investment business.

Excellence In A Demanding Environment.

Mortgage loan subservicing is a highly demanding and regulated discipline – one that requires precise expertise for handling thousands of complex tasks. Today’s environment is not for the inexperienced, nor those stuck in the status quo. That’s why lenders all over the country trust REPS to simplify the complexities of servicing their loans, reducing their costs, and mitigating compliance risk. They know we have the experience, passion and innovation needed to achieve their success goals. Let REPS be YOUR support team!